Youth Empowerment Foundation is committed to bring harmony for those who have been forced socially and politically to remain excluded to compete with the pace of the world. We strive to construct a society where each and every individual would be able to prove themselves productive for the nation. While we are helping out poor and unable people with our honest support from donors economically, we also highlight their vulnerable conditions so as to reflect truth to our uplifted society, who is oblivious of these facts. As the adage goes ‘The first step in solving a problem is to recognize that it does exist’. Youth Empowerment Foundation works on behalf of society to bridge the gap between those who don’t know how to help those denied people and those who are of course unaware that someone  stands for them and supports them. It is also important for enriching our nation’s productivity and is totally unfair to put the entire burden on the government. Our vision is to carve out spaces for the socially backward youths so that they manage to come forward and solve their predicament on their own. The first and foremost responsibility of ours is to drive a way to escalate India’s performance in reducing Global Hunger. India was ranked 94 among 107 countries in the Global Hunger Index according to the 2020 report.One of the studies said, about 14% of India’s population is undernourished. 

Keeping in view all this data Youth Empowerment Foundation and team took the oath to make the situation better. We are eternally poised and dedicated to energize those segmented and marginalized, to sow a seed of hope within them that circumstances could take a turn and bring in harmony. To us the second priority is to provide qualitative education to youths. As it is evident, to put an end to poverty in our country, education would be instrumental. Furthermore, education within youths will bring necessary cultural changes, enhance their critical thinking capability, and most importantly it will help lift their entire community. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”, were the words of late APJ Abdul Kalam Azad. While addressing the conference on All India Education, he emphasized, we should always remember that, no one should be denied at least the basic education which is indispensable, without which he cannot fully discharge his duties as a citizen. . Till now, we have been able to withstand the challenges in our way and are looking forward to building a better future for the upcoming generation.


Youth Empowerment Foundation is trying to help poor people to recognize its true value and dignity in the society. We want them to alleviate their thinking capability and work towards their development on their own. With that approach we ought to form and follow our own made principles based on our ethics and values. It certainly becomes a way to guide your path to reach your yearning destination. We press ourselves to inculcate the following principles:

● To reach out to the denied people and help them to reach above the poverty line.
● To do away with the social barriers through our patronage.
● To bridge the economic gap between the two far divided corners of a society.
● To build a sustainable future for the upcoming generation.
● To collaborate with other parties to withstand the challenges in our path to achieve an economically, socially and politically equal society.
● To recognize and display the actual picture of society besides, happy and well nourished society.
● To initiate a movement of consolidating India’s economy through providing avenues not less than peak groups of society.
● To put denied interest at front rather than self and team’s interest.
● To work under the defined rules and regulations of our Indian Constitution.
● To collect and disseminate each and every count of NGOs wealth to the actual claimant.
● To reach globally and pick them out of vulnerable and undignified conditions, the poors.
● To help educate and enlighten youths and provide them with a productive future.

Our foremost duty is to serve the nation in a new and commendable manner which neither needs any weapon or artillery but just a kind heart. We are thankful to all the volunteers in our team to help us enroute framing and establishing an equitable and just society. As TV wins hands down in its reach, therefore, a pressing need is to broadcast the anguishes and affliction of poor people. We think of a society where every person has their say in it, they should never be denied of explaining their grief. It is the TV culture which has already filled with notions and ideas into other segments of people, which are not even carried on by poor people.



Youth Empowerment Foundation’s founder and controller Mr. Rambabu Sharma, currently an engineer at a German MNC has been thriving with a vision to serve the nation. From his early childhood only he took an oath to help out those living in vulnerability across the world. His first initiative came up in the form of Youth Empowerment Foundation, which is now a resounding success which would be near to impossible without his determination. While, a lot of difficulties came across, but his indomitable spirit let him stand steadfast to it. Rambabu hails from a small village in Bihar, who had a desire like other ruler people to escalate from its current situations and lead a better life. But, unfortunately he as well got engulfed into India’s poor managerial system, and came across humongous challenges; which eventually motivated him to lessen the load onto those facing similar circumstances. He is well aware of the fake facade of society, which will never stand on its promises to help out poor people. Mr. Rambabu along with his team Youth Empowerment Foundation is all ready to accomplish its most awaited dream to clear India of hunger, poverty, and education.

He wanted to lessen the ever increasing gap between the urban prosperity and rural poverty, which seems inevitable from his efforts, not in the long run. Much before this initiative, Rambabu had taken a pledge to run a foundation which would have its core values grounded in empathy and dignity. He got hinged upon such a initiative to protect youths from practicing child labour instead of doing studies. He is of the belief that youths are born to be spent out on the development of the nation rather than getting stunned by responsibilities in their early childhood. He took through Youth Empowerment Foundation to make his dream come true and is obstinately persistent on its future developments. According to him, this approach is necessary to alter attitudes across generations. As an active citizen of India you ought to be serving your nation with whatsoever means. But it becomes very harsh to accept that some sections of our country don’t even know, ‘Why to serve our country’. That’s why there is an urgent need to educate people, so that they can acknowledge some of the obvious facts. Rambabu thought of forming an alternative, like the Youth Empowerment Foundation, which can hold responsibilities, if the government tried to shrug off its duty. It would be better than criticizing the government for its failure, because it is no good to those who are suffering from it.

  • Let’s do something constructive,
  • Make our nation productive.
  • Let’s promote renovation,
  • Give them education.
  • Let’s stand by them shoulder to shoulder,
  • Give them a reason to feel prouder.
  • Let’s anoint our nation,
  • With the youths of the new generation.


I am Snehlata Rana. I am from Jharkhand. I did my basic schooling from Bokaro Steel City and clearing my Intermediate , I moved to Delhi for higher Eduaction. I scored well enough to get admission in one of the prestigious colleges of DU.I got admission in SRCC .Life in Delhi wasn’t a bed of roses. With limited financial resources, I barely had money to buy a meal for myself in college. Yes , that was the struggling period. Had to walk long distances to save some penny. But life is never always downs. There are ups as well. I started giving tuitions to some students to earn money. Nevertheless , that was a wonderful period.

After passing with flying colors in graduation , I cleared my entrance for M.Com. I got the most reputed college of DU.ie Delhi School of Economics.
At the end of last semester, I cleared my NET/JRF.
After completion of masters , I joined as an Assistant Professor in DU.
DSF is a dream project of my spouse. After facing a lot of struggle in my studies , I had the vision to impart free education for underprivileged students because I believe that Education is a weapon which a can pull a person out of poverty.

” Actions speak louder than words”
Projects I worked on – Covid and Rashan distribution.
Not much dear, less than an year.
Future Projects will be on Education , Skill Development.

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