The foundation has been investing in community projects since 2017 aiming to deliver holistic education including skills and extra-curricular activities to underprivileged children and the youth. For that YEF has taken many initiatives.


  1. LED Bulb Making Training

We at YEF made an effort by giving LED bulb making training to young minds which helped them to go on with education and earn for their family requirements. Children who were at the edge of dropping their studies made LED bulbs which in turn prepared them for being self- sufficient and independent.

  1. Candle Making Training

YEF held candle making workshop last year during Diwali. Many underprivileged girls and women learned this art and made more than 4000 packets of candles. This training boosted their confidence to work independently. We tried to bring smiles on a few faces by employing them in the best way we can.

  1. Organic Gulal Making Training

We also attempted to spread colors in the life of underprivileged young minds by giving them training of organic ‘Gulal’ making during Holi.

We also organized training of Paper Bag Making, Earrings Making, Quelling Art, Stage performances like Singing, Dancing, etc.

Youth Empowerment Foundation endeavors to take as many initiatives as it can. To conduct training, a foundation needs funds to buy raw materials and other equipment. The minds we train can set up small businesses to earn their living. We seek help from you, your small contribution can bring smiles to a thousand pale faces.

“Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.”


  1. English Learning Program

“To have another language is to possess a second soul.” English has now become a necessity. We initiated an English learning program so that our children can compete with other students too. We strive forward to make children hailing from lower sections develop adaptable and ambitious personalities by learning a special language, English.

  1. Computer Training Program

As Steven Levy has rightly said, “Computer technology is so built into our lives that its part of the surround of every artist.” In this high technology-oriented world, one needs to have computer knowledge. To impart computer education in young underprivileged minds has become our priority. The foundation has initiated Computer training programs.

Training and Programs empower people to realize their dreams and improve their lives. These underprivileged children can do a lot if they will be properly trained. YEF wants to make these minds stand on their own and build a better tomorrow for them.