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Welcome to Youth Empowerment Foundation

YOUTH EMPOWERMENT FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization since June 2017 which is established to transform young minds.

The foundation stands firmly for the youth. The foundation tries its best to live up with the name the foundation holds. YEF want to establish a well-educated society and fosters to see a developed nation. Nation’s future is reflected in the eyes of youth which is feasible through skill enhancement. YEF wakes and never sleeps just to gift a literate society to INDIA.

Let’s all stand for this responsibility collectively. Let’s be one of the torchbearers of our youth.  So, let’s DONATE for a Good cause.

Training programs

The foundation has been investing in community projects since 2017 aiming to deliver holistic education including skills and extra-curricular activities to underprivileged children and the youth. For that YEF has taken many initiatives.

yef kids activity 4
yef kids activity 4

Our Events

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yef kids activity 3

Skill Training events by Yef

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